Patent Law

Your invention might be an altogether original concept. What’s the next step in shielding your innovations? The legal processes encompassing patents is detail heavy and flush with legalese. A patent lawyer in Lakewood may save time determining if there is already a current patent for a similar invention. If there isn’t, they can help you take the following step in patenting and protecting your hard work.

Three patent types are accessible with the United States Patent and Trademark Office : design patents, plant patents, and utility patents. These three types of patents, if accepted, are valid for up to 20 years from their acceptance date. Provisional patents are also available, though they normally last only one year.

Utility patents apply to machines, manufacturing devices, and processes. Design patents are issued for ornamental designs. Inventions filed using design patents could include computer icons, fonts, containers, and others. A plant patent is used for a newly engineered breed of plant variety which can be reproducable sexually or asexually. Plant patents are unlike other licenses as they don’t require botanical samples. The circumstances of securing your invention could extend over with other areas of intellectual property law, and as a result patent lawyers in Lakewood can better determine how to proceed.


A patent is a defense for the innovations of individuals, screening them from duplication or sale by competitors. Patent law is affiliated with trademark and copyright law, but is a separate niche in the wider umbrella of intellectual property law. Patents provide legal evidence for infringement suits if an invention is duplicated.

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