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Self Love Exercise: 15 Things I Love About Myself

Self Love Exercise: 15 Things I Love About Myself | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comHere’s a wonderful little self love exercise for you. Write down 15 things that you love about yourself. I thought I’d find it easy but it’s surprisingly hard because you really have to look at yourself. You don’t have to share the list with anyone but you get bonus points if you do! Here’s my list.

1. I love that I’m well-read.

2. I love that I know how to be alone without having to be defined by another person.

3. I love that I know what’s important in life.

4. I love that my heart is full of love.

5. I love my flaws, my scars and my complex personality because they make me unique.

6. I love my hourglass figure.

7. I love that I never give up no matter how hard life gets.

8. I love that I go after what I want.

9. I love that I’m constantly learning and evolving.

10. I love my skinny legs and arms.

11. I love that I’m empathic and caring.

12. I love that I’m independent and capable of sorting most things out on my own.

13. I love my green-yellow eyes.

14. I love that I’m creative and can find beauty in most things.

15. I love that I’m able to recognise when a situation isn’t healthy.

Now it’s your turn to write your list. What are 15 things that you love about yourself?


35 before 35

Chiaki Creates - 35 Before 35 chiakicreates.comI found writing my 30 Before 30 list very motivating so I decided to write another list of life goals. I will turn 35 in September 2019 so I’m giving myself plenty of time to accomplish everything.

1. Start a book club.

2. Go on a holiday with my best friend.

3. Write and publish at least one book.

4. Move to Brighton.

5. Attend a literary event.

6. Visit Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris.

7. Become a mother.

8. Cut out meat and most processed food again.

9. Go on a weekend writing retreat.

10. Significantly improve my yoga skills.

11. Buy a house.

12. Sell everything that I don’t use.

13. See my best friend on stage again.

14. Visit Ireland.

15. Publish at least one article in print.

16. Adopt a cat or two.

17. Take a writing course.

18. See my brother who I haven’t seen since 2011.

19. Monetise my online presence.

20. Start wearing makeup more often.

21. Make some close friends where I live.

22. Go on another holiday with my dear Bridgeen.

23. See Dylan Moran live again.

24. Get married.

25. Attend a live podcast recording.

26. Learn how to set healthy boundaries.

27. Grow my hair out.

28. Have my eyelashes permed and tinted.

29. Attend a creative workshop.

30. Start a Happiness Club.

31. Minimise my sugar intake again.

32. Renew my passport.

33. Learn how to do the Charleston.

34. Start a retro lingerie collection again.

35. Find a skincare routine that works for me.

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My morning routine and gorgeous retro tableware

Disclosure: The Folklore Coffee Pot, Orla Kiely Orange Poppy Stem Mug, Abode Plates and Ted Baker Sugar Sweet Notebook were gifts from the fabulous folks at Flamingo Gifts. They have a unique range of quirky gifts for every occasion, so pop over and have a browse!Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware chiakicreates.comI start every day with yoga because I want my morning routine to instil healthy habits. I also want it to take me closer to my goals so after yoga, I read my plan for the future and decide what steps can be taken that day. I then have breakfast, which always includes green tea and crispbread or black bread.Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware 2I’ve been using these Magpie plates for my breakfast every day for the past week. They’re so cute! I use the Folklore enamel pot and the Orla Kiely mug every morning and evening. The enamel pot pours perfectly and I love the fact that it looks Scandinavian.Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware 3Lately I’ve started listening to a life coach podcast in the morning. I listen to lots of podcasts but I’m really enjoying starting the day with something motivational. When I’m ready to get on with my day, I read the to-do list that I wrote the night before. I always write my lists in a beautiful notebook.

How about you? What’s your morning routine?


5 gruesome podcasts to listen to if you loved Serial

Chiaki Creates - 5 Gruesome Podcasts To Listen To If You Loved Serial chiakicreates.comI miss Serial. There, I said it. I’ve always been a massive true crime fan, so naturally I was instantly obsessed with Serial. I read everything that I could get hold of about the case, even the court records. I was so absorbed in it that I struggled to hold conversations with people who weren’t listening to it and I felt a bit lost when it ended.

If you’re looking for new podcasts to replace the Serial shaped hole in your life, here are my favourite gruesome podcasts. But first, a warning. If you’re of a delicate nature, the three first podcasts especially are not for you. They cover very disturbing topics and they do occasionally get very graphic.

The Last Podcast On The Left
“Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski explore the horrors of the world both imagined and real.” They talk about murderers, cults, the paranormal, suicide, aliens, creepypastas, urban legends, Satanism and many other topics. This is my favourite podcast. It has the greatest name! I have a very morbid sense of humour and they make me cry with laughter. They don’t spare any gory details. If you only listen to one of these podcasts, make it this one.

Sword and Scale
“Sword and Scale covers the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions. A show that reveals that the worst monsters are real.” They use taped confessions and 911 calls, courtroom testimony, interviews and other audio from the cases. It’s perfectly executed and the narrative is wonderful. This podcast occasionally gets extremely graphic.

The Generation Why Podcast
Justin and Aaron discuss unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries, conspiracies and anything that impacts our culture. Every now and then they are joined by experts. It could for example be an author who’s written a book about that episode’s topic. Here are a few episodes that I recommend: Elisa Lam, Rape Culture, The Black Dahlia and Casey Anthony.

Caustic Soda
“A weekly podcast about science, horrible news and humor hosted by Toren Atkinson, Kevin Leeson and Joe Fulgham. Each episode of Caustic Soda takes a gruesome, gory or otherwise horrible topic, such as shark attacks, parasites and radiation, and breaks it down into an easily-digestible bubbling paste of funny!” I heard about this brilliant podcast from someone in the The Last Podcast On The Left Facebook group. It’s like Stuff You Should Know for morbid people.

Thinking Sideways
“Investigating things we simply don’t have the answer to. Sometimes you have to think a little sideways to come up with a plausible solution to the mystery.” Who doesn’t love mysteries! There are lots of episodes about missing people and disturbing murder cases, but there are episodes about ‘nicer’ topics too. Some of my favourite episodes are Lost Boy Larry, Elisa Lam (can you tell that I’m intrigued by her case?), Time Travelers, YOGTZE-Fall and Boy in the Box.


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