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July goals

Chiaki Creates - July Goals○ Walk along the seafront more often.

○ Sing a few songs with a friend at an open mic night.

○ Eat lots of fruit.

○ Breathe deeply.

○ Repot the shiso plants that a friend gave me.

○ Sell my Canon camera and use the money for something that will make me happy.

○ Buy a retro swimsuit.

○ Go see some art.

○ Consume more inspirational books, podcasts and documentaries.


Making life happen

Chiaki Creates - Making Life Happen chiakicreates.comThe past 4 years of my life have been incredibly tough. If you don’t know me offline, this may come as a surprise to you as I made a conscious decision not to share all the bad stuff online. We are not our circumstances and I realised that blogging had a therapeutic effect because it forced me to focus on the good stuff.

Truth is, I felt horrifically lonely and out of place in London. Everything there is so fleeting. I was struggling to find meaningful work and I kept making friends who were only passing through. I’m originally from a small town in Sweden and as fun as London can be, living there stopped making sense to me a long time ago. I ended up spending my days desperately missing nature, seaside air and people who don’t live there.

So, 2 weeks ago I moved to Brighton to start a completely new life. I’m currently working in an ethical independent supermarket and living with a really sweet woman who was in a cult for 7 years. The transition proved more difficult than I thought it would be, but I’m making lots of new friends and there are lots of opportunities coming my way. This is my life now. I just need to stop resisting and let life take its course.

For 4 years I gave until there wasn’t anything left of me to give and it has made me really unhappy. I feel unbearably guilty saying no to people who are asking for my help and learning that “no” is a complete sentence has taken me many years. I’ve finally admitted to myself that I need therapy to help me work through everything that happened in London.

About 3 months ago, I wrote a plan for the future and I was pleasantly surprised by how specific it turned out. Since then I’ve been working very hard to create the life that I want to live. It’s been a painfully slow process but I’m taking steps towards a better life every day.

I want a simple, slow life. I want to write and help people live like they mean it. I want to go for long walks, cook good food, laugh every day, love with my whole heart, read good books, listen to music and podcasts, have super connection conversations, sing, watch good films, learn new things, go out for dinner or tea and cake, visit exhibitions, go to comedy and music gigs, go to the pictures and travel.

Artistic souls need space to grow and I’m never going to become the woman I want to be if I live conventionally. I was never made for a conventional life. I need to invest in myself and live the way I want to live.

That’s it. Nothing is more important than doing what makes me happy and surrounding myself with people who love me, believe in me, encourage me and make me cry with laughter. I just want to write and love and laugh. Here’s to a new chapter of my life.

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June goals

Chiaki Creates - June Goals○ Move to Brighton.

○ Adjust to my new job.

○ Spend my time with people who lift me up and make me happy.

○ Work on setting healthy boundaries.

○ Attend the Forensic Portrayals panel discussion at the Wellcome Collection.

○ Buy a pair of clog sandals.

○ Go through all my belongings and sell or donate everything that I don’t use.

○ Read every day.

○ Alter floral top that doesn’t fit properly.


Self Love Exercise: 15 Things I Love About Myself

Self Love Exercise: 15 Things I Love About Myself | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comHere’s a wonderful little self love exercise for you. Write down 15 things that you love about yourself. I thought I’d find it easy but it’s surprisingly hard because you really have to look at yourself. You don’t have to share the list with anyone but you get bonus points if you do! Here’s my list.

1. I love that I’m well-read.

2. I love that I know how to be alone without having to be defined by another person.

3. I love that I know what’s important in life.

4. I love that my heart is full of love.

5. I love my flaws, my scars and my complex personality because they make me unique.

6. I love my hourglass figure.

7. I love that I never give up no matter how hard life gets.

8. I love that I go after what I want.

9. I love that I’m constantly learning and evolving.

10. I love my skinny legs and arms.

11. I love that I’m empathic and caring.

12. I love that I’m independent and capable of sorting most things out on my own.

13. I love my green-yellow eyes.

14. I love that I’m creative and can find beauty in most things.

15. I love that I’m able to recognise when a situation isn’t healthy.

Now it’s your turn to write your list. What are 15 things that you love about yourself?


35 before 35

Chiaki Creates - 35 Before 35 chiakicreates.comI found writing my 30 Before 30 list very motivating so I decided to write another list of life goals. I will turn 35 in September 2019 so I’m giving myself plenty of time to accomplish everything.

1. Start a book club.

2. Go on a holiday with my best friend.

3. Write and publish at least one book.

4. Move to Brighton.

5. Attend a literary event.

6. Visit Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris.

7. Become a mother.

8. Cut out meat and most processed food again.

9. Go on a weekend writing retreat.

10. Significantly improve my yoga skills.

11. Buy a house.

12. Sell everything that I don’t use.

13. See my best friend on stage again.

14. Visit Ireland.

15. Publish at least one article in print.

16. Adopt a cat or two.

17. Take a writing course.

18. See my brother who I haven’t seen since 2011.

19. Monetise my online presence.

20. Start wearing makeup more often.

21. Make some close friends where I live.

22. Go on another holiday with my dear Bridgeen.

23. See Dylan Moran live again.

24. Get married.

25. Attend a live podcast recording.

26. Learn how to set healthy boundaries.

27. Grow my hair out.

28. Have my eyelashes permed and tinted.

29. Attend a creative workshop.

30. Start a Happiness Club.

31. Minimise my sugar intake again.

32. Renew my passport.

33. Learn how to do the Charleston.

34. Start a retro lingerie collection again.

35. Find a skincare routine that works for me.

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My morning routine and gorgeous retro tableware

Disclosure: The Folklore Coffee Pot, Orla Kiely Orange Poppy Stem Mug, Abode Plates and Ted Baker Sugar Sweet Notebook were gifts from the fabulous folks at Flamingo Gifts. They have a unique range of quirky gifts for every occasion, so pop over and have a browse!Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware chiakicreates.comI start every day with yoga because I want my morning routine to instil healthy habits. I also want it to take me closer to my goals so after yoga, I read my plan for the future and decide what steps can be taken that day. I then have breakfast, which always includes green tea and crispbread or black bread.Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware 2I’ve been using these Magpie plates for my breakfast every day for the past week. They’re so cute! I use the Folklore enamel pot and the Orla Kiely mug every morning and evening. The enamel pot pours perfectly and I love the fact that it looks Scandinavian.Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware 3Lately I’ve started listening to a life coach podcast in the morning. I listen to lots of podcasts but I’m really enjoying starting the day with something motivational. When I’m ready to get on with my day, I read the to-do list that I wrote the night before. I always write my lists in a beautiful notebook.

How about you? What’s your morning routine?


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