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Taking stock

Chiaki Creates - Taking Stock chiakicreates.comEnjoying: a 9 day holiday in Winter Wonderland aka Sweden and wishing it had been longer.
Listening: to Nick Drake and the Bedazzled soundtrack.
Wearing: black Rocket Dog boots and Breton tops.
Making: an effort to stay in touch with friends and family.
Cooking: too much pasta.
Drinking: the Swedish probiotic strawberry drink ProViva.
Feeling: alternately elated and petrified about the future.
Reading: The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami.
Looking: for a new fun job.
Wishing: that everyone I love lived in the same place with me.
Liking: laughing over a couple of glasses of wine with my childhood friend.
Waiting: for the next episode of The Last Podcast on the Left. Always.
Snacking: on Pink Lady apples, hazelnuts and Nākd Cocoa Crunch bars.
Coveting: retro lingerie.
Hearing: a few podcasts every day.
Learning: how to make time for relaxing.
Loving: the secret project that I’m working on.
Watching: season 3 of American Horror Story.
Admiring: my best friend even more when I saw her on stage for the first time in Sweden.
Getting: so much love from all the amazing people in my life.
Wondering: if London might not be the place for me anymore.
Playing: The Resistance with new friends.
Noticing: how much I’ve changed in the last year and loving it.
Giggling: and tearing up simultaneously while watching Rik Mayall: Lord of Misrule.
Bookmarking: new yoga poses to learn.
Deciding: to stop wasting my time on insignificant things.
Hoping: everything will fall into place in February.
Contemplating: going back to school to get a psychology degree.
Wanting: stability and structure.
Thinking: about happiness.
Knowing: how lucky I am to finally have found a man who knows how to handle me.

Taking Stock is a feature inspired by the lovely Pip of Meet Me At Mike’s.

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Etsy shop sale

Chiaki Creates on EtsyHello my lovelies! I’m having a big Etsy shop sale. All must go to make room for new. Everything has been marked down. Triangular cushions, hand-printed tote bags, triangular wooden brooches, round draped cushion, pom pom trimmed scarf, rainbow necklaces and geometric necklaces. None of these items will be produced again. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Pop by my Etsy shop here.


Intentions for 2015

Chiaki Creates - Intentions For 2015 chiakicreates.comFor me 2014 was a year of continuous change. It was a wonderful and tough year. I fell in love with the most amazing man I’ve ever met. I tried a lot of new things that frightened me and I met lots of new people. I made new friends. My paternal grandma passed away and my maternal grandma got ill. I turned 30 and decided to get my priorities straight. I spent too much time missing people who live elsewhere and hence started doubting that London is the place for me. I became a bookseller and realised that I’ve finally found my ideal day job. So much happened in 2014. So much that forced me to grow and re-evaluate everything.

This year I choose to focus on committing to the people and things that I want in my life.

I will fill my life with joy and do more of what makes me happy.

I will love unconditionally.

I will spend my time with people who matter.

I will take better care of myself and listen to my body.

This year I choose to make writing a priority. This year I will find stability.

Happy New Year, my dears! May 2015 be the year we make our dreams come true!

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Taking stock

Chiaki Creates - Taking Stock chiakicreates.comEnjoying: being in love with the most amazing man I’ve ever met.
Listening: to Paul Dempsey and Something For Kate.
Wearing: my tan Chelsea boots.
Making: more time for relaxing and consequently getting more stuff done.
Cooking: sweet potato wedges with lemon and ginger crème fraîche.
Drinking: banana yoghurt smoothie and supreme matcha green tea.
Feeling: excited and slightly anxious about the future.
Reading: Starman: David Bowie – The Definitive Biography by Paul Trynka.
Looking: forward to seeing Dylan Moran live again in May next year.
Wishing: my broken toe would heal quicker.
Liking: being a bookseller.
Waiting: for the next episode of Serial.
Snacking: on bananas with almond butter.
Coveting: a navy midi a-line skirt to be worn with Breton tops.
Hearing: so much morbidity on The Last Podcast On The Left.
Learning: to balance and simplify everything.
Loving: all the straightforwardness in my life.
Watching: Dig! and BoJack Horseman.
Admiring: my best friend in Sweden who is the most resilient woman I know.
Getting: my priorities straight.
Wondering: how much of my life I’ve spent trying to decide what film to watch.
Playing: Werewolf at a dinner party that my housemates and I hosted recently.
Noticing: how little I care about material possessions.
Giggling: at Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey by Richard Ayoade.
Bookmarking: art exhibitions that I want to visit.
Deciding: to focus more on writing and less on crafts.
Hoping: that I’ll be able to visit my friends and family in Sweden in January.
Contemplating: to grow my hair out and to start teaching workshops.
Wanting: to get a black midi kimono dress because my old goth self says so.
Thinking: a lot about my childhood and adolescence for something I’m writing.
Knowing: that everything is random and that’s what makes life so beautiful.

Taking Stock is a feature inspired by the lovely Pip of Meet Me At Mike’s.


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