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Currently creating: Crochet vintage fan ripple blanket


A while back, I bought this yarn with the intention of making a ripple blanket. I then realised that I would quickly become bored with it so I put the yarn away. That is until I came across this gorgeous pattern. I started the blanket the other week and it’s growing fast. I’m using a 4.5mm crochet hook and Rico Design Creative Cotton Aran in tangerine, nougat, sky blue, light yellow, and light green. How lovely are these colours together?

Update: Clarification for non-English speakers. For the pattern click here.

Update: Comments on this post are now closed. If you’re having difficulties making this blanket please refer to the owner of the pattern here. Thank you.

41 thoughts on “Currently creating: Crochet vintage fan ripple blanket

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  2. Can’t wait to get started on this one.

  3. Love the color choices! Just Beautiful!

  4. I love this so much, thank you for sharing it! :-)

  5. This looks beautiful! Where did you find the pattern? I would love to try my hand at one like this!

  6. amei!!! Quero o molde.

  7. Beautiful!! Love the color choices!

  8. es precioso!!! un punto muy bonito, gracias por el enlace !!! un besito.maria:)

  9. Quisiera el dibujo, no se inglés. Así puedo hacerlo. Besos

  10. Thank you so much for this stunning pattern! I love the colors that you have chosen to use.

  11. You are a darling to share!!! Thanks so much!!! Love it!!!

  12. This afghan is truly beautiful

  13. I love this pattern, it’s a beautiful change from the normal ripple afghans. Thank you so much for including the free pattern ! I have my yard, so I am ready to start !

  14. I am really confused with this pattern. I get the up side of the three sc in one stitch but what about the down side? It just stays flat? Then if you repeat for the next row , HOW? You now have an increase of the three sc in one stitch? I really want to make this but I just cant figure it out. Am i the only one finiding this hard do?

    • I’m not sure what you mean. On the second and third row you skip 2 stitches in between the peaks to get the valleys. This means that your fourth stitch ends up on top of a peak and that’s where you do three sc in the same stitch. The whole blanket is worked through the back loop only. Hope that helps.

  15. On the pattern I printed it DOESNT say to skip 2 anywhere on the second row. I added that to my pattern and that FIXED IT! THANKS!

    • The second (and third) row starts with skip 1 and after the stitches which make up the peak is another skip 1. Since you repeat this until the end of the row you get 2 skipped stitches in between the peaks. I was slightly confused by it as well before I actually started. Good luck with your blanket! :)

  16. I absolutely LOVE this pattern. I’m fairly new to crocheting, I have a question about the pattern, I get the fan part, but after the last after the last trtr do you slip stitch or anything between the next fan or do you just connect them?

  17. I have a question. I am doing a sampler blanket and would love to add this in, how can I go from this to a straight line again? I just love this, it is so beautiful.

    • Thank you! By doing a row where you do 1 sc or 1 dc (whatever you prefer) in the stitch at the very top of the peaks and in between the peaks chain a few stitches to get to the next peak. Next row would then be a straight line. That’s how I would do it anyway.

  18. How many skeins of each color do you use for a queen blanket? It’s beautiful!!!!

  19. Also…what are the ;names of the colors…I love the way they look together! Great job!

  20. I’m very confused. Trying to do this pattern now. On Row 2 is says “(Do a sc in each of the next 4 sts, 3 sc in the next, then another 4 sc in each of the next 4 sts.) Keep repeating this until the end of the chain.” I understand that the 3 dc in 1 st makes the peak but where is a skip or dec st for the valleys? I’m basically crocheting a diamond shaped twirl chain thing…?

    • The second (and third) row starts with skip 1 and after the stitches which make up the peak is another skip 1. Since you repeat this until the end of the row you get 2 skipped stitches in between the peaks. Hope that helps! :)

  21. I made it through the first row of the trtr’s, but now I can only do 3 sc before I get to the peak, do three sc in the peak stitch, then 3 sc down the peak before I have to skip two again for the valley. Where did I go wrong? If I do 4 sc, I pass the peak, and then work down into the valley.

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